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Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity that puts you on the frontline of BorgWarner growth?
Are you interested in exciting projects, international cooperation and great challenges? Do you enjoy communicating, have an equally good knowledge of numbers and technology, and relish taking on responsibility?

Then you are a perfect fit for the role of program manager – one of the most important management roles in our company.


James R. Verrier, Former President and CEO BorgWarner Inc.

“Our program managers really are
at the center of driving the growth
of the company.”

On average, we bring one product per day to the global market.

This shows just how important product launches are to our success. As BorgWarner continues to grow, we will launch more and more innovations every year. At the same time, development cycles will become even shorter, and the complexity of development projects will increase.

BorgWarner invests heavily in new product programs. But new products don’t bring themselves to market.

It takes a talented cross-functional team that draws on their technical expertise as well as their close relationships with our customers.


Now, more than ever, we need leaders with the vision and skills to drive development cycles, manage and motivate teams, work closely with our customers and deliver smooth product launches. Program managers are playing a key role in our success story. We believe they will drive our future.

We have developed concepts for strengthening and promoting Program Management, and merged them into the new Launch Excellence Initiative. With this initiative, we will significantly extend and support our pool of talented program managers.

BorgWarner has identified 13 fields of expertise – including technical, operational and leadership skills – in which program managers will receive continuous support in order to gain important additional qualifications for future career plans.

Targeted Qualification

BorgWarner has established a High-performer Program Manager Model, which includes 85 different skills and behavior sets.

In 13 fields of expertise, including technical, operational and leadership roles, program managers will continuously improve their qualifications with the support of certified face-to-face training sessions and different eLearning opportunities. Moreover, skills will be developed through experiences based on different projects and assignments.

In addition, experienced program managers will act as mentors and provide support through feedback to those just getting started.

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Product Management
Product Management

Process Steps of the Program Management Excellence Initiative

1. Skills assessment including leadership and soft skills, technical knowledge, program management-specific skills.

2. Development consisting of company- and program management-specific training, support and guidance from mentors, program manager certification (PMI, IPMA, GPM, etc.)

3. Supporting the career path through challenging developmental moves always promoting and honoring proactive people and creating a powerful network inside and outside of BorgWarner

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